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Corpteq can provide specialists proficient in nearly every IT discipline and experience level, when and where you need them. Clients with excess work loads or special projects hire Corpteq's consultants to work on an “as needed” or contract basis, for short or long terms.

Contract Personnel Services
Clients with excess work loads or special projects hire Corpteq’s consultants to work on an “as needed” or contract basis, for short or long terms. Corpteq can provide specialists proficient in nearly every IT discipline and experience level, when and where you need them. Our consultants are thoroughly screened to fit your technology profile and corporate culture before they are ever submitted, saving you time and bringing the search process to closure quickly.

Client-Referred Personnel Services
If customers require the expertise of specific individuals on a temporary basis, you can refer them to Corpteq (referred to as pay rolling or pass-thru). We can supply these individuals as our contract employees, and if you desire, they can be converted to direct staff members at any time with no additional fee.

Contract-to-Direct Hires (Right-to-Hire)
When hiring a candidate for a full-time position, you want to ensure that you’ve chosen the right person for the job. Through Corpteq, you can initially hire a promising candidate as a contract employee. If the individual performs well and you are completely satisfied, he or she can then be offered a direct position after an agreed upon period with no additional fee.

Direct Hires
Corpteq can help customers find qualified personnel for direct placement using our direct placement services. Our recruiting process keeps us up-to-date on the employment status and job requirements of tens of thousands of IT specialists, enabling us to become in effect a rapid-response extension of your human resources department.

Training Services
Corpteq provides Instructor-Led Training (ILT) in support of our customers’ information technology. Tailored specifically toward technical changes made within an organization, Corpteq’s training curriculums are centered on leading edge products and services with a focus on employee performance improvement through effective and measurable transfer of knowledge.

Software Development

Corpteq has a long history of success in developing mission critical applications for several Fortune 500 companies. Corpteq can deliver full custom systems, major/minor enhancements to existing applications and integration of systems so they can function together as a unified system. Corpteq plans, designs, builds, tests and implements applications within strict quality standards, fully integrating them into clients' business processes and system environments. The Corpteq Application Development Methodology focuses on quality. Quality includes how well the application accomplishes the business functions that it was designed to support in addition to other factors such as the development cycle time, maintenance profile, and flexibility to adapt to change.

Using our proven Internet-centric Development Lifecycle, Corpteq's approach has been designed with flexibility to accommodate both traditional and rapid iterative development lifecycles. In both cases, the opportunity of component reusability is exploited.

Corpteq provides a range of application development and application maintenance services to help enterprises maximize the value they achieve from their business applications. Whether streamlining, repositioning, transforming, or filling the gaps in today's package solutions, Corpteq is uniquely qualified to take your business applications forward.

With our Best offshore delivery model, we can guarantee significant cost savings and offer the vest value compared to the traditional delivery model.

Our technical capabilities include:

  • Internet and Enabling Technologies
  • Data Warehousing/ Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Product Assurance and Testing
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Technical Support
  • Mainframe
  • Web Services
  • Application Maintenance

Quality Assurance and Testing

Corpteq understands the significance of a good quality assurance (QA) process for creating world-class products. With it’s well established Qality Assurance and Testing practice, Corpteq has expertise in the development and execution of tests for applications in the client/server, internet/web and the mobile space, using both automated and manual methodologies. To meet todays high quality standards, it is recommended to have the software development independent of quality assurance. Corpteq with it’s BestShore model can offer the most cost effective of qality assurnce.

Corpteq offers:
  • Functionality Testing
  • Automated Regression
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • White box testing
  • Black box testing


Corpteq has successfully provided services to a large number of companies in a wide range of industries. We have clients in public and private sector across the nation many of who are Fortune-500 and Fortune-100 companies. We serve organizations from virtually every industry.
  • Financial Services
  • Technology and IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Government
Listed below are some of our clients and the list is growing:
  • General Motors
  • DCX
  • Ford
  • UFM
  • Bellsouth
  • Intel
  • Freddiemac
  • Capitalone
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Cardinal Health
  • AT & T
  • WAMU
  • US Bank
  • Wellsfargo
  • Peregrene systems
  • Warners Bro's
  • John Deere
  • Bearing Point
  • Wipro
  • Analysts International
  • SBC
  • Kforce Professional Services
  • Epitec Group
  • Computer Horizons
  • BItwise
  • Synova
  • Comforce Technologies
  • Technisource
  • Edge Technical Services
  • Princeton Information
  • Modisit
  • Comsys
  • Keane Inc
  • Tek Systems

Out Sourcing

Onsite Development
This model is designed to address the specific need of customers for whom time-to market and time-to revenue is extremely critical. Sometimes the mandatory requirement of a resolution to a critical problem at hand also drives the necessity of having an onsite technology expert consultant. To meet this critical expertise requirement companies prefer to use this model. With our core technology focus and an on-going knowledge management, we draw upon our resources in the shortest possible timeframe and execute a project onsite.

Offsite Development
This model has the advantages of cost reduction through offsite development and reduced cycle time due to activities being completed onsite. Typical offsite activities include low-level design, coding, testing and porting. Systems analysis, high level design and final implementation are typically completed onsite. Global dedicates staff resources onsite with clients to help facilitate the project lifecycle from initial analysis and documentation to testing and implementation in order to ensure that client expectations are met to the fullest degree.

Offshore Solutions
This Delivery Model is virtually an extension of a client's very own software development environment. Our offshore Software Development Center has a dedicated team of high-end developers, dedicated hardware and software resources, dedicated high-speed access for communication, system disaster & recovery plans, network security and an exact replica of company's management systems. Our Project Managers work closely with local clients and the Development team in India to ensure that all milestones are met on time.

There are many advantages of this Delivery Model. A cross technology resource pool of a large number of engineers, project leaders meet all your business and technology needs. Aggressive project timelines can be met due to ready availability of resources. Long-term relationships are built that result in reduced learning curves. Proven project management capabilities and round-the-clock development cycle by taking time zone advantages result in enormous cost savings.

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